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I am an Editorial, Portrait & Wedding Photographer based in Los Angeles


My father gave me my first film camera at eight, my mother gave me the gift of travel- we have family in Thailand and Norway, and I was fortunate to see them often. And that gift gave me the love I have for details. It is how I breathe in this world and feel a deep love for sharing stories. There is so much joy I have for the stories I capture for you, on your happiest day. The light and the champagne and the love. 

Photography is how I hold all the beautiful and complex parts of life I have found, in my two hands. Home is the second before the click of the camera, when I am about to capture the world through my lens. As a woman in this world, my focus has shifted to empowering other creative women in their successes and endeavors, and I have created a series to represent my hope; that we will all arise to the occasion to support each other, and that by doing so inspires our personal evolution to create the best kind of work that only we can. 

I would love to hear from you! Say hello through the contact form, or email me directly at


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