While We Were Young: A Greenwich Village Must


For those that know me well, I spend half my day planning what I am going to eat. With a childhood of traveling back and forth between the States, going to school in Thailand and visiting my family in Norway, diversity of food has often been a comfort and a way to help me understand the city I'm in. 

I recently had one of my nearest and dearest friends visit me in New York from Los Angeles and true to form, we extensively researched the best place for rosé and bites like the proper foodaholics we are. Based on the results, the various menus (overwhelming in a city like New York) and a dozen yelp reviews we decided on While We Were Young, though truthfully the pink velvet booths made the decision for me. I have no shame.


On a Sunday afternoon we arrived, a partial Walt Whitman quote lit up on the wall as a greeting.  We were sat immediately, though I highly recommend showing up early if you have a group larger than two; I suspect we sat quickly out of sheer luck that a table near the open windows was paying their check. The restaurant is very small and beautiful, with a long, curved marble bar that rests on one side and the booths on the other. Yes, the pink velvet was as soft as I thought it would be. 


Vowing not to order the entire menu, my friend and I chose the tuna tartar, roasted romanesco and another dish that I can't recall because we honestly ate it so quickly I momentarily forgot I intended to photograph it. I would be a terrible food blogger because this happens quite often, but c'est la vie. 


Though both dishes were phenomenal, the roasted romanesco was the most delicious thing I could recall eating since the time I went to Raleigh and ate fried broccoli at a vegan restaurant. The important thing about food that is made well and with care so that you can taste the flavors unfold, like a flower blooming. 


Living in a place like New York City has already begun to prove that I'll often have friends and visitors, and it's very likely that I'll just take everyone here, every time. I already know I'm going to order the romanesco. 


Disclosure: No compensation was provided in exchange for this review, I simply believe in good Food Karma and pretty pink booths. Share the love!