Winter in New York

Beauty Regimen // NYC

Adjusting to New York Winter has required an adjustment of my skincare- after living in humid to moderate climates like Austin & San Francisco for all of my 20’s - my poor skin hasn’t a clue what to do with the bitter dry and cold weather here. The facial scrub by One Love was a purchase from Heyday in New York City. It leaves skin softer and feels incredibly gentle and clean after removing make up. This balancing oil by Vintners daughter is incredibly hydrating but comes with a hefty price tag. While worth it, I certainly had to consider what that meant against the cost of typical moisturizers (many that never felt hydrating enough in the first place but were in the $40-60 range). In the end, this bottle has lasted me for over two and a half months, and that includes consistant twice a day application. The Michael Kors Jasmine perfume on my wrists and neck isn’t keeping me warm from the cold but there’s something about it so soothing, to smell of spring while I wait for the New York season to change.