Vintners Daughter

An honor to be featured by VINTNERS DAUGHTER, a company that produces a botanical serum with a process wholly similar to the process of creating wine. I came across Vintners at the height of my frustration with my skin; I had just moved to New York after spending most of my twenties in San Francisco, and as a native of Austin, Texas, my skin has been primarily spoiled by moderate, or humid hot weather. It did not understand the dry, bitter winds of a North Eastern winter. All of my life I have had skin troubles, constantly changing up my routine and products, a routine shopper of Sephora. But I gave up, exasperated with the options and opinions that did not suit or cure my skin issues. I don't necessarily believe that a product with organic ingredients is a blanket solution to skin problems either, but I believe in investing in the care of your skin, the largest organ on your body. Everyone has different skin and different needs, but the serum by Vintners daughter has done an incredible job of hydrating my skin in the few weeks I have been using it and giving my dry skin in this harsh winter a path to healing and beauty. 

Erica BeanComment