Five Things Lately {No. 2 edition}

What I'm reading + seeing + doing lately

  • I recently saw the film The Big Sick. It's definitely a romantic comedy, which you might have your opinions about, but there is a sincerity to the movie that I feel has been lacking in the most recent years, but that might also be because it's based on a true story and Kumail Nanjiani plays himself in this semi-biographical film. Chris Hardwick's podcast The Nerdist also emails Kumail and they talk more about the details of the film parallel to what really happened. 
  • About 8 years ago I connected with a photographer named Jamie who was living in New York City, through tumblr. I was living in San Francisco at the time but we were both from Texas and her work was stunning... there was a quality to it that was exquisite and original. I followed her work on social media wherever she went, in awe of her education and skill as a photographer, and eventually the creation of the Cinemagraph Jamie and her husband Kevin. Fast forward to the present and she has become a renowned photographer in the industry of fashion and photography, with clients such as Donna Karen, Chanel, Dior, Tiffany & Co.. With work that I find inspiring, the artist makes a loyal fan out of me. In the last year or so she moved to Provence, a beautiful part of French country and following her work while she lives there has been overwhelmingly provoking and inspiring. She's started and continued a conversation about feminism, empowerment of self, the quality of masculinity and the process of her work. Recently, her work was published in Men In This Town, for a portrait she re-created from Da Vinci's The Last Supper. It's stunning. You can find her work here and here, and order your own copy here
  • I recently (and finally!) picked up my library card for New York City. I wandered into the poetry section before I left, as one does, and randomly selected a book of poems called Pansy. Turns out, the poetry is incredibly moving, delving into topics such as social justice, gender and love of self. Pure coincidence? The writer Andrea Gibson is from Austin!
  • As an anniversary gift, I received a beautiful and delicate necklace from Catbird and I love it so much I wear it every day. 
  • I've been really getting carried away with delicate things and I'm okay with it.