Five Things Lately {No.1 edition}


What I'm Reading + Seeing + Doing Lately:

  • I just finished the book, Big Little Lies, and I can absolutely see why it inspired the HBO series. A warning for those who haven't seen the series: the material, while heartbreakingly moving, embraces some dark topics. Though I devoured each chapter of the book, the HBO series handles the topics of sexual assault in a hyper aware approach, creating very visually compelling ways of demonstrating the way grief transforms someone. Also worth mentioning, Nicole Kidman's acting in the series is exceptional. Every moment she was on screen was believable.

    Essentially, the series had me incredibly captivated, but the book itself felt damper, weighed down by a desire to be more entertaining than deconstruct the ways in which women handle trauma. 

  • Speaking of a female centered story, I'm really looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman next weekend- it's certainly a lighter piece focused more on entertainment, but I love that Alamo Drafthouse has created an event at their theater across the country that is women (and those identifying as women) only; including all the staff working the event that day. At the June 6th showing for the movie, Alamo Drafthouse will be donating all proceeds from the screening to Planned Parenthood, and as a women in this country that makes me incredibly happy and proud.

  • The Heath Ledger documentary seems incredibly fascinating and layered, I plan on watching this soon. 

  • On a recent trip to Target (isn't this how the story always begins), I bought an adorable picnic basket for when it becomes warmer weather for the beach. It's for effieciency but also to be the girl with the cutest basket, honestly. I can already imagine the fruit salads and sandy afternoons in my future.

  • On a recent layover in California on the way to Maui, I spent some time in my former city and I wrote about my day in San Francisco and what it was like to return for the first time since I moved to New York City. 

What are you reading? Eating? Seeing? I'd love to hear in the comment section below! Especially if it pertains to food.