A June Letter To New York City

Brooklyn_2018 (1 of 2).jpg

Of all the parks in the city, my favorite is Washington Square park. Glimpses of the arch between movement of tree branches. The echo of dogs barking in the park nearby. They were filming a show with the actors in the fountain last time I was there, close enough to hear the water and the laughs. 

I move in three weeks. Time will only move faster from this point forward. So much to do to prepare, and I keep having to remind myself to enjoy the city before I move, because frankly, I kind of keep forgetting. I am leaving soon, though I feel like I've been here two blinks. 

Yesterday I sat on the flat part of a small hill in the park, stretching my legs out before me in the sun. I let that moment be a benchmark, a reminder to enjoy the final time I have here as much as I can. Because no matter how often I come to visit, or to do a photo shoot or wedding, it won't be the same as living here. You can never go back to the time before. In itself, that deserves its own recognition and reverence.