Interior Design in Los Angeles: Moodiness + Texture

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If New York is the setting standard for food and fashion, Los Angeles is definitely the place for amazing decor. During my visit to the West Coast, I stayed with a close friend who lives in Korea town and couldn't get enough of her velvet duvet, the green of the plants and the light from the walls of windows. 

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Despite the fact that I am from Texas and grew up with a lot of space in wherever I lived, I have inhabitated residences in bigger cities for the better part of the last decade: San Francisco, Chicago, and Paris. Space is a coveted, rare thing in cities such as those, and the city becomes your living room and your kitchen. I envied the vast living room of her LA apartment, with enough space for ornate and stylish decor. I came back home to New York City after my trip and immediately rearranged my furniture. I suspect I'll need to get a plant soon... just as soon as it gets warm!

What is your favorite city or favorite design style? 

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