Erica Bean Studio


It's official: I have opened up a photo studio in New York City! It feels like a breath of fresh air to have a space specifically for photos, to take my time to create and feel inspired again. I tried to mentally prepare for the hustle and speed of New York City, though it wasn't until I had established a routine between work and my personal life did I realize that staying inspired in an overwhelming city is its own battle. Often times to create something I'm proud of I go offline; I sit in a cafe and people watch, I put on red lipstick and dress as if I am stepping out onto sidewalks of Paris, I wander the hallways of my favorite library in Greenwich, or I study the work of Elizabeth Messina - one of my very favorite photographers - with The Luminous Portrait book. 

Let's get inspired together! If you're looking for a portrait session to start the New Year in a good way, email me at



{Customized backdrop by Rachel Wadlow}