Sunday on a Sunday

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Given my New York City lifestyle of always working, even (or especially) on weekends, my Sunday mornings and afternoons is the time for leisure. It's a ritual I look forward to every week that recharges me, allows me time to take my dog Sunday to the park, read, or catch up on the phone with my family and friends. 

Yesterday I picked up a copy of the New York Times Sunday edition reading the style section and my favorite one to read, Modern Love.  If you saw my post this morning, I've made a mindful intention in my life to write more. For me, that involves reading more, consuming more stories in order to share my own. I wake up every day with a new story I want to share, either visually or in written form. To me, stories are the most important thing, because they connect us to each other. 

Now that it's warmer outside, I've been leaving my back patio door open while I read in bed, and more often than not, my maltese pup Sunday joins me. It's one of the more peaceful parts of my week, and I wanted to share a few moments from my Sunday afternoon with you...

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Do you have a pet in the city? Is there a certain activity or place you like to take your dog? Share below, I'm always on the lookout for restaurants with a patio that allows animals.


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