An adventure In Parts

We left Bangkok at 7:00am, when the sun was barely rising above the clouds, and we arrived in Koh Samui in the afternoon. On the second day on the island, we all went swimming on Chwang beach, in the warmest, clearest water I’ve ever seen. The ocean was gorgeous and clear. I have always had a fear of swimming in the ocean, but I knew there would be no time better than now to move past it. So I went under and under the waves, I swam again and again. I felt a freeness I’ve only ever felt near the ocean. I let the day, the water, the sun, soothe my rough edges and bad days. I swam in the Indian ocean and had conversations in Thai. I barely recognized myself. We drank coconut water and got massages and smelled like summer and the sea. Languages expand the width of me, they allow me to stretch my joy, my brain, my heart. Languages help me become who I’m supposed to be; brave and open and kind and jubilant about my life. Despite it being the month of January, Thailand is still closer to the equator and thus I acquired an evolving sunburn, but for the rest of that day I let my salt water hair air dry. I know this life isn’t spotless or easy, but I feel myself getting stronger, and kinder with each push of my comfort zone, and it makes me feel good, and beautiful, not out of vanity but out of joy.