Travel Guide: San Francisco In A Day

When you're on your way to Maui from New York and your layover is in San Francisco for exactly one day, you stop by your favorite places in the city that used to be home. You arrive on a cold and foggy morning, just as you remember all the mornings you lived by the ocean for your years in this city, and you wistfully watch the colorful houses out the window of your cab. When you only have a day in San Francisco, you go get coffee and pastries at The Mill with a dear friend who has had her second child and you ooh and ahh at her daughters beautiful Swedish name and you talk about your lives over the smell of coffee and bread. New York is not San Francisco. San Francisco is not New York, and you become surprised at the love you have for both places. 


After coffee and an abundance of hugs for a friend who lives on the opposite side of the country you quickly and easily rent a car with Get Around, and drive up the winding roads of the Outer Sunset and stop by the Cliff House and Sutro Baths for views and the smell of the sea. 

When it is your first visit back to a place you called home for nearly eight years of your 20's, it is hard not to drive through the streets of the city with sentimental feelings of nostalgia, observing the rows of colorful houses and the roses that bloom against bright walls.

San Francisco-23.JPG

After a brief drive down memory lane (literally), you decide to drive to Marin and take pictures of the bridge. You drive slowly, glancing occasionally at the view of the city through the suspension wires, the ocean roaring beneath you. The fog has covered most of the bridge, but it seems more comforting to see the city the same as the day you left it. 

After the dreamy drive back into the city, you meet with another, most lovely friend for wine and cheese on Fillmore at Wine Jar, people watching and laugh and talk amongst the sounds of the 22 bus outside the door as if you still lived by the ocean and saw each other every week. The city has changed since you left. The city is just the same since you left. And when you're laughing about love and home and your hopes for Summer in New York, there is a wistful, lovely feeling that makes both feel just as true. 

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