Travel Guide: Los Angeles In A Day

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To Eat:

Sawyer in Silverlake made me like brussel sprouts, which was made with tahini dressing and feta cheese. I gather inspiration for most of my dinner concoctions from restaurants I eat at. Often, they're so simple (and they never taste the same as when I first tried it). Although I love photographing food, my obstacle is choosing to eat it first and then it. 

I'm always on the lookout for amazing Pho, and Silverlake had Pho Cafe, which was pretty much perfection. Beef flank soup with soy milk is pretty much the nostalgic taste of my childhood. 

Brunch has become such a weekend novelty, so I couldn't resist Jacks n Joe, a spot that touted endless pancakes and pretty great coffee in a diner setting. 

To Shop:

All Yoo

I found beautiful gold earrings in the shape of a leaf, and the prettiest red top and high waist pants.  

 image of clothing

image of clothing

To See: Manhattan Beach Pier, a gorgeous beach with some tourism, but mostly neighbors jogging or heading to surf. At sunset, it had stunning, ethereal light that I couldn't get enough of. 

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