Travel Guide: Newport In A Day

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The morning I left for the train to Rhode Island, it began to snow. It wasn't until I was a teenager, I had never seen snow while growing up in Texas. With a mother who is from Thailand, anytime I went to Chiang Mai to visit family meant leaving a warm place (Austin) and arriving in a tropical place (Thailand). It is now in my adult like that snow has become more than a fascination, but a love; for the cold that pinches my cheeks and the frozen particles of moisture that melt on my eyelashes. 

The train ride to Rhode Island was quite beautiful and convinced me that I should only ever travel up north by train. After finding an empty table in the dining car with a magazine and my camera, I sat beside the window and watched the blur of the East Coast landscape whip by as the train sped along. 

Rhode Island, while small and residential (it takes 40 minutes to travel from one side of the state to the other!), is beautiful and perfect with its New England architecture and the smell of the ocean. Growing up, I remember tracing my fingers over a map of the United States, in wonder of all the states I had never been to and tracing the cartography that guides the ridges for each separate state. I had never planned it, but there's something pretty wonderful about seeing some of the oldest states of the country and witnessing the way history has changed over time. 

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If you have 24 Hours in Newport here's a quick guide of places I ate and saw and shopped:

Food: World class oysters at The Oyster bar and restaurant in downtown Newport and a silly but fun game that you receive from your waitress, in the form of cards with images where you guess what it means. 

Shopping: I tend to keep certain things private like my middle name, but I will say that it has the word 'moon' in it and that after years of searching I finally found a pair of beautiful, gold crescent moon earrings. I found a beautiful pair here, along the main part of downtown Newport.

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Wine tasting: Though I was only in Newport for a day I managed to stop by the Newport vineyard for a wine tasting. After living in San Francisco for most of my entire 20's, I have a tendency to defer to Northern California wines. But the East Coast wines are subtle and delicious, the landscape along the Northeast coast boasts the flavors and environment to support winemaking. If you're still looking for a Christmas gift for a hard-to-buy person in your life (we've all got them.. ahem, mom), I highly recommend gifting the bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon if you prefer reds, or the Vidal Blanc for the white wine lovers of the world. 

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