Women in Spotlight: Lindsay at Google

The idea to create a passion project around women came to me gradually, over time. I have observed the way women have treated each other all of my life, noticing the dichotomy of the compassion women give each other against an archaic stereotype that women simply are simply competitors. Women in Spotlight, is meant to empower the talented, creative women of my generation and share their stories. I want to give other women a voice and be part of the movement of holding other women in high regard. 

On a sunny Sunday morning at The Standard in Chelsea, I was able to speak with Lindsay about music, industry, and empowerment. A woman after my own heart, Lindsay has the classic and polished style of a California girl, an aesthetic that offers a wonderfully minimalist approach. Following her degree in Graphic Design and Music Industry at USC, Lindsay took some time to realize that the music industry was a place she wanted to live.  Like so many of us, there's the practicality of certain careers that offer a broad kind of safety net, but there are certain loves we can't ignore because they only seem to expand over time. 

Who has been a positive female influence in your life that contributes to your own personal and professional evolution? 

The combination of values that Sheryl Sandberg and Arianna Huffington advocate for have contributed greatly to my own personal and professional evolution.  One of my all-time favorite quotes is from Sheryl Sandberg: "In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders." That quote puts all of my feelings around gender equality into one simple statement.  Arianna Huffington's focus on "redefining success beyond money and power to include well-being, wisdom and our ability to wonder and to give" is something I also think about often. She starts out her book "Thrive" with an acutely enlightening notion that we are not remember for our resume; we are remembered for how we touch the minds and hearts of others.

What was the inspiration for pursuing your career? 

I have always been drawn to creative technology - first through animation, then through graphic design and then through product development in the music industry.  Music is a foundation in my life; I feel very lucky to be combining that passion with my love for creativity and technology. I hope that I can help influence the direction that YouTube takes in music.     

What is a typical day like for you?

I work for Google on the YouTube Music team. Our team puts licensing deals in place and supports music partnerships. My day typically entails meeting with songwriters, producers, and music publishers to teach about how our platform works and how they can specifically take advantage of it to promote and curate their work. I often put on events focused on education, collaboration, writing, and content creation.  

Working with musicians is the highlight of my job. There is nothing more magical than creating a space focused on music and songwriting and then witnessing the ultimate vision being shared. I was sitting in a recording studio a few months back listening, in awe, to an unbelievably talented group of musicians.  When they finished recording, someone in the control room came over to me and said "I could actually see the endorphins flowing out of you." Live music, in an intimate setting, is my happy place. 

What is it about California that you gravitate to?

Having been born in San Diego, I have always been a California girl and have always considered myself one, even though I spent 10 years growing up in Saint Louis, Missouri.  I now live in walking distance to the ocean and never take it for granted; I love staring at the water, the palm trees and breathing in the ocean air. It is very peaceful and calming; it makes me take a moment to appreciate everything around me.

If there's a creative woman in your life you admire who empowers other women and you want to see them featured for the series, email me at Hello@EricaBean.com